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Application of nitric oxide in modified atmosphere packaging of tilapia (Oreschromis niloticus) fillets

Wang, Zi-Chao, Yan, Yuzhen, Fang, Zhongxiang, Nisar, Tanzeela, Sun, Lijun, Guo, Yurong, Xia, Ning, Wang, Huichun, Chen, De-Wei
Food control 2019 v.98 pp. 209-215
drip loss, euthanasia, fish fillets, food safety, ham, modified atmosphere packaging, nitrates, nitric oxide, nitrites, nitrogen, raw fish, shelf life, vacuum packaging, China
Nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen (N2) (0.4/99.6, v/v) were flushed in a modified atmosphere packaging (NO-MAP) to preserve tilapia fillets at 4 °C. Compared with vacuum packaged (VAP) samples, NO-MAP samples had higher redness values, lower rigor extent and less drip loss. After storage of 15 days, nitrate levels in the fillets were lower than that of the nitrate/nitrite processed foods like ham and below the China National Standard of the maximum permitted limit. In addition, NO-MAP was more effective in improving tilapia quality than NO euthanasia of live tilapia and saturated NO solution immersion of tilapia fillets. The results suggested that NO-MAP could be a potential novel MAP technique in storage of tilapia fillets to improve the product quality, extend the shelf-life and reduce food safety risks. This technique also has the potential to be used for other fresh fish or meat packaging and storage.