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Current status of food waste generation and management in China

Li, Yangyang, Jin, Yiying, Borrion, Aiduan, Li, Hailong
Bioresource technology 2019 v.273 pp. 654-665
anaerobic digestion, economic regions, food waste, China
The current status of FW generation, including its characteristics, management, and current challenges in China, were analyzed, and further suggestions were made with regards to improvement. About 19.50% of the FW generated could be treated under the current designs for treatment capacity in China. FW characteristics show great variability in different economic regions in China, where both treatment efficiency and FW management are poor. Combined pretreatment and three-phase separation is the most used pretreatment method, and of the current FW pilot projects, anaerobic digestion is the most prevalent, accounting for 76.1% of all projects. Significant regional characteristics have been identified regarding FW generation and the treatment capacity for FW processing. Possible factors influencing FW management in China were also discussed. Finally, detailed suggestions are given for further development of FW treatment capacity, particularly regarding potential technical routes and management measures.