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General distributed activation energy model (G-DAEM) on co-pyrolysis kinetics of bagasse and sewage sludge

Lin, Yan, Tian, Yunlong, Xia, Yuqing, Fang, Shiwen, Liao, Yanfen, Yu, Zhaosheng, Ma, Xiaoqian
Bioresource technology 2019 v.273 pp. 545-555
activation energy, bagasse, models, prediction, pyrolysis, sewage sludge, temperature, uncertainty
In this work, pyrolysis kinetic evolution of mixture of bagasse and sewage sludge with 10%, 30% and 50% (respect to dry initial weight). In terms of kinetic mechanism, the uncertainty of the activation energy obtained by mode-free method was barely known. We found that increasing number of heating rates made result more reliable, but the modeling process more dependent on redundant experiments with extra data. We adapted a novel general distributed activation energy model (G-DAEM) with 5 pseudocomponents for the analysis of kinetic evolution with proposing a more applicable approximation to the general temperature integral. The G-DAEM was trained by data for 20 K/min, and the predictions were performed on data for 15 K/min and 25 K/min. The predictions were well matched to the experimental data. The G-DAEM enhances modeling efficiency of kinetics and provides a effective pathway for high precise model of complicated co-pyrolysis process.