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Development and Testing of the Healthy Food Pantry Assessment Tool

Bush-Kaufman, Alexandra, Barale, Karen, Aragón, M. Catalina, Walsh, Marie
Journal of nutrition education and behavior 2019 v.51 no.5 pp. 578-588
descriptive statistics, food pantries, healthy diet, interviews, nutrition education, surveys
To develop and test an observational survey that quantifies food pantry environments (FPE).Best practices in FPE were identified through key informant interviews. The tool was pilot-tested, including a content review, and then field-tested for reliability.Key informant phone interviews (n = 41); pilot and field test visits occurred at 45 pantries from multiple states.Food bank/pantry staff and nutrition educators were recruited for interviews through purposive and snowball sampling. Pilot and field test survey users (n = 65) were food pantry representatives and matched community partners who both rated the FPE using the tool.Pearson correlation was used to determine test-retest and interrater reliability.Qualitative data were coded for healthy FPE strategies. Quantitative data were calculated using descriptive statistics (significant at P < .05).Qualitative data were coded for observable FPE characteristics. Reliability scores were substantial to nearly perfect for 48 of 61 survey items (79%) for test-retest and 49 of 61 (80%) for interrater reliability (Pearson r = .6–1.0).The Healthy Food Pantry Assessment Tool is research-tested and can be used to evaluate and quantify the healthfulness of FPE.