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mHealth Improved Fruit and Vegetable Accessibility and Intake in Young Children

Bakırcı-Taylor, Ashlee Lane, Reed, Debra B., McCool, Barent, Dawson, John A.
Journal of nutrition education and behavior 2019 v.51 no.5 pp. 556-566
Internet, body mass index, carotenoids, children, electronic learning, fruits, mobile telephones, nutritional intervention, parents, reflectance spectroscopy, snacks, social networks, statistics, surveys, vegetable consumption, vegetables
To explore the potential of mHealth using smartphones to improve fruit and vegetable intake in children.A 10-week randomized control and intervention pilot study.Story time sessions at local libraries.A convenience sample of 30 parents and children (aged 3–8 years).Delivery of nutrition intervention through the mobile Jump2Health website, Facebook posts, and text messages.Electronic food photos of children's meals and snacks, 10-question survey related to fruit and vegetable consumption, reflectance spectroscopy via Veggie Meter to measure skin carotenoid levels, body mass index percentiles, and a mobile learning survey.Descriptive statistics and Wilcoxon matched-pairs signed-rank test.Veggie Meter values for children and parents showed significant week × treatment interactions in the intervention group compared with the control group for both children (P < .001 and parents (P < .001).This pilot study offers a potentially effective program including a mobile Web site, social media, and test message components to increase fruit and vegetable intake of young children.