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Influence of mixing and diffusion on moisture content of maize in a feed mill wet bin

Lyda, Kelsey R., Moldovan, Stefan I., Choo, Kyosung
Biosystems engineering 2019 v.178 pp. 102-108
corn, drying, dyes, feed mills, mixing, water content
To keep up with the increasing demand for grain, proper drying and storage of grain is critical. Increasing the efficiency of these systems has been investigated, but there has been very little focus on the phenomena that occur inside a wet bin. This research investigated the influence of mixing and diffusion on the moisture content of maize as it leaves the wet bin. To determine the effect of mixing and diffusion of maize on moisture contents as it exits the wet bin, moisture content was established and dye and diffusion tests were conducted. The results of showed that the mixing and diffusion of the each load directly affect the moisture content in the unload increments. The moisture content profile was divided into four sections. Section I, the unload increments 1–3 are primarily load A only; Section II, unload increments 4–6 are primarily mixing of only load A and B with increasing of load B effect; Section III, Unload increments 7–11 are primarily mixing of only load B and C with increasing of load C effect; Section IV, unload increments 12–13 is affected by funnel flow and load B in a stagnation zone near the wall boundary slightly increases.