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Electrochemotherapy with Bleomycin in the Treatment of Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Uropygial Gland in a Cockatiel (Nymphicus Hollandicus)

Racnik, Jozko, Svara, Tanja, Zadravec, Marko, Gombac, Mitja, Cemazar, Maja, Sersa, Gregor, Tozon, Natasa
Journal of exotic pet medicine 2019 v.29 pp. 217-221
cisplatin, drug therapy, electrodes, females, patients, spaying, squamous cell carcinoma, uropygial gland
A 12-year-old female cockatiel (Nymphicus hollandicus) was presented with a squamous cell carcinoma involving the uropygial gland. Electrochemotherapy (ECT) as a minimally invasive treatment option was applied. The patient was anesthetized, a chemotherapeutic agent was injected intratumorally, and electrical pulses were delivered using plate and needle electrodes. In the first session of ECT cisplatin was used, and no change in tumor volume was observed during the following month. In a further 2 treatments 1 month apart, bleomycin was used. The tumor responded, and the mass became necrotic and eventually disappeared. Unfortunately, the tumorous mass reappeared after 3 months. Therefore, a fourth ECT using bleomycin was performed and the tumor completely regressed. No tumor growth was seen in 18 months after the last therapy. This report presents the clinical significance of ECT using cisplatin and bleomycin in treatment of uropygial gland squamous cell carcinoma in a cockatiel.