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The forty years of medical genetics in China

Cai, Lei, Zheng, Lan Alice, He, Lin
Journal of genetics and genomics 2018 v.45 no.11 pp. 569-582
ethics, funding, gene therapy, genes, genetics, human diseases, industry, issues and policy, medicine, neoplasms, research and development, scientists, China
Medical genetics is the newest cutting-edge discipline that focuses on solving medical problems using genetics knowledge and methods. In China, medical genetics research activities initiated from a poor inner basis but a prosperous outer environment. During the 40 years of reform and opening-up policy, Chinese scientists contributed significantly in the field of medical genetics, garnering considerable attention worldwide. In this review, we highlight the significant findings and/or results discovered by Chinese scientists in monogenic diseases, complex diseases, cancer, genetic diagnosis, as well as gene manipulation and gene therapy. Due to these achievements, China is widely recognized to be at the forefront of medical genetics research and development. However, the significant progress and development that has been achieved could not have been accomplished without sufficient funding and a well-constructed logistics network. The successful implementation of translational and precise medicine sourced from medical genetics will depend on an open ethics policy and intellectual property protection, along with strong support at the national industry level.