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Immunogenicity and safety of the 4CMenB and MenACWY-CRM meningococcal vaccines administered concomitantly in infants: A phase 3b, randomized controlled trial

Macias Parra, Mercedes, Gentile, Angela, Vazquez Narvaez, Jorge Alejandro, Capdevila, Alejandro, Minguez, Angel, Carrascal, Monica, Willemsen, Arnold, Bhusal, Chiranjiwi, Toneatto, Daniela
Vaccine 2018 v.36 no.50 pp. 7609-7617
blood serum, children, confidence interval, humans, immune response, immunogenicity, infants, secondary immunization, serotypes, vaccination, vaccines, Argentina, Mexico
Invasive meningococcal disease has its highest incidence in infants. Co-administration of serogroup B (4CMenB) and quadrivalent conjugate (MenACWY-CRM) vaccines could protect against 5 clinically-relevant meningococcal serogroups.This phase 3b, open, multicenter study (NCT02106390), conducted in Mexico and Argentina, enrolled and randomized (1:1:1) 750 healthy infants to receive either 4CMenB co-administered with MenACWY-CRM (4CMenB/MenACWY group), 4CMenB (4CMenB group), or MenACWY-CRM alone (MenACWY group) at ages 3, 5, 7 and 13 months. Non-inferiority of immune responses of co-administration to single administration of vaccines was assessed at 1 month post-booster dose (primary objective). Immunogenicity was evaluated pre- and 1 month post-primary and booster vaccinations using human serum bactericidal assay (hSBA). Safety was assessed.At 1 month post-booster vaccination, between-group hSBA geometric mean titer (GMT) ratios ranged from 0.89 to 1.03 for serogroup B strains (group 4CMenB/MenACWY over 4CMenB), and from 1.05 to 2.48 for ACWY serogroups (group 4CMenB/MenACWY over MenACWY). The lower limit of the 2-sided 95% confidence intervals for all GMT ratios was >0.5; the primary objective was demonstrated. Across all groups and serogroup B strains, 68–100% and 87–100% of children had hSBA titers ≥5 at 1 month post-primary and booster vaccination, respectively. For serogroups ACWY, ≥96% (post-primary vaccination) and ≥98% (post-booster vaccination) of children in all groups had hSBA titers ≥4. Post-booster vaccination, GMTs increased ≥5.99-fold from pre-booster values for each strain/serogroup. Solicited adverse events (AEs) were more frequent in groups 4CMenB/MenACWY and 4CMenB than in MenACWY; incidence of all other AEs was similar between groups. Serious AEs were reported for 6, 13, and 11 participants in groups 4CMenB/MenACWY, 4CMenB, and MenACWY, respectively; 1 (group 4CMenB) was considered vaccine-related.Immune responses elicited by co-administration of 4CMenB and MenACWY-CRM was non-inferior to single immunization. Co-administration of vaccines was immunogenic and well tolerated in NCT02106390.