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Conformance control in oil reservoir based on magnetorheological behavior of nanoparticle suspension

Esmaeilnezhad, Ehsan, Van, Si Le, Choi, Hyoung Jin, Chon, Bo Hyun, Schaffie, Mahin, Gholizadeh, Mostafa, Ranjbar, Mohammad
Journal of environmental management 2019 v.231 pp. 1127-1134
dispersibility, nanoparticles, oil fields, oils, petroleum, rheological properties
Water shut off and performance control in oil reservoirs involve many techniques both for reducing the water cut and for enhancing oil production with the aim of making it economical and environmental friendly. Therefore, suitable nanoparticles for injection in an oil reservoir regarding nano size, spherical morphology, and better dispersibility were synthesized by one step, facile, and inexpensive method and then characterized in this work. In addition, new magnetorheological (MR) fluids based on the crude oil and the nanoparticles were developed, and the analysis of their rheological properties carried out by rotational and oscillation tests showed their ability of forming gel-like structure. Furthermore, from the core flooding experiment investigated, values of both resistance factor and residual resistance factor showed that the MR fluids exhibit a solid-like form with the magnetical field applied in oil reservoirs, thereby reducing the water cut.