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MIL-PVDF blend ultrafiltration membranes with ultrahigh MOF loading for simultaneous adsorption and catalytic oxidation of methylene blue

Ren, Yi, Li, Ting, Zhang, Weiming, Wang, Shu, Shi, Mengqi, Shan, Chao, Zhang, Wenbin, Guan, Xiaohong, Lv, Lu, Hua, Ming, Pan, Bingcai
Journal of hazardous materials 2019 v.365 pp. 312-321
acetone, adsorption, decontamination, iron, methylene blue, mixing, oxidation, permeability, porosity, separation, ultrafiltration, wastewater
Multifunctional ultrafiltration membranes need to be further developed with ultrafiltration performance and high multifunctional decontamination efficiency. Here, the MIL-PVDF multifunctional ultrafiltration membrane with ultrahigh MIL loading was demonstrated by a new blending method of predispersion in acetone and thermally induced phase separation. Due to the improved dispersity and restriction of pore size, the MIL-53(Fe) mass loading was as high as approximately 61%. The new membrane showed high performance for methylene blue (MB) removal and maintained high permeability and ultrafiltration efficiency. The characteristics of the membranes were analyzed to explain the above advantages. Meanwhile, compared to the traditional blend ultrafiltration membrane, the 67-MIL-PVDF membrane showed an 9-fold increase in effective treatment volume for more than 75% MB removal. The contribution and efficiency of adsorption and catalytic oxidation were analyzed and explained. The relationship between them was confirmed as being independent, and the reasons for this independence were proposed. Additionally, the mechanism of multifunctional decontamination and permeability by MIL-PVDF membranes was proposed. Moreover, the 67-MIL-PVDF membrane was also suitable for long-term run and real wastewaters treatment. In conclusion, this study sheds new light on the preparation strategy for multifunctional blend ultrafiltration membranes with ultrahigh particles loading displaying high decontamination and permeability performance.