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d-Allulose is a substrate of glucose transporter type 5 (GLUT5) in the small intestine

Kishida, Kunihiro, Martinez, Gustavo, Iida, Tetsuo, Yamada, Takako, Ferraris, Ronaldo P., Toyoda, Yukiyasu
Food chemistry 2019 v.277 pp. 604-608
carbon, fructose, glucose transporters, intestinal absorption, psicose, rats, small intestine
d-Allulose has been reported to have beneficial health effects. However, the transport system(s) mediating intestinal d-allulose transport has not yet been clearly identified. The aim of this study was to investigate whether intestinal d-allulose transport is mediated by glucose transporter type 5 (GLUT5). When d-allulose alone was gavaged, plasma d-allulose levels were dramatically higher in rats previously fed fructose. This suggests enhanced intestinal d-allulose absorption paralleled increases in GLUT5 expression observed only in fructose-fed rats. When d-allulose was gavaged with d-fructose, previously observed increases in plasma d-allulose levels were dampened and delayed, indicating d-fructose inhibited transepithelial d-allulose transport into plasma. Tracer D-[14C]-fructose uptake rate was reduced to 54.8% in 50 mM d-allulose and to 16.4% in 50 mM d-fructose, suggesting d-allulose competed with D-[14C]-fructose and the affinity of d-allulose for GLUT5 was lower than that of d-fructose. GLUT5 clearly mediates, likely at lower affinity relative to d-fructose, intestinal d-allulose transport.