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Image analysis to quantify the browning in fresh cut tender jackfruit slices

Rana, Sandeep Singh, Pradhan, Rama Chandra, Mishra, Sabyasachi
Food chemistry 2019 v.278 pp. 185-189
color, colorimetry, enzyme activity, fruits, image analysis, jackfruits, physicochemical properties, vegetables
Changes in physicochemical properties of fresh cut tender jackfruit during storage is depend on its colour. Colorimeter measurements are best for the samples with homogeneous colour. However, for samples with non-homogenous colors or large sizes (like fruits and vegetables), the colorimeters are inappropriate and inaccurate. The aim for this study is to quantify the amount of browning in fresh cut tender jackfruit slices by using image analysis technique and justify the results by comparing them with existing techniques like sensory examination, enzyme activity, and colorimeter. It can be concluded from the results that browning in fresh cut tender jackfruit slices increase rapidly in control and normally packed samples. Correlation coefficient as high as 0.963, represent that image analysis system is an accurate and highly consistent method to quantify the colour of fruits and vegetables.