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Circannual changes in major chemical composition of bulk dromedary camel milk as determined by FT-MIR spectroscopy, and factors of variation

Nagy, Péter, Juhász, Judit, Reiczigel, Jenő, Császár, Gábor, Kocsis, Róbert, Varga, László
Food chemistry 2019 v.278 pp. 248-253
Camelus dromedarius, bulk milk, camel milk, lactose, milk composition, photoperiod, spectroscopy, summer, temperature, total solids, variance, winter
We monitored the major chemical composition of bulk dromedary camel milk by FT-MIR spectroscopy over a 5-year period. The results highly correlated with those determined with reference methods (r > 0.985, p < 0.001). Production parameters showed significant (p < 0.001) seasonal and yearly changes. The overall mean fat, protein, lactose, solids-not-fat, and total solids concentrations of bulk dromedary camel milk were 2.87%, 2.94%, 4.15%, 8.00%, and 10.69%, respectively. Month of the year, year of the study, and level of production had a strong influence on bulk milk chemical composition and yield of milk components; however, the relative effect of season on composition was greater (proportion of variance app. 50%) compared to that of other factors of variation. The highest and lowest values were measured during winter and summer, respectively. Circannual variation in major milk components was associated with environmental conditions (photoperiod, temperature), whereas it was independent of nutritional factors.