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Active packaging films as a carrier of black cumin essential oil: Development and effect on quality and shelf-life of chicken breast meat

Konuk Takma, Dilara, Korel, Figen
Food packaging and shelf life 2019 v.19 pp. 210-217
Escherichia coli, Nigella sativa, Staphylococcus aureus, active food packaging, alginates, antimicrobial properties, breast meat, chicken meat, chitosan, coatings, color, essential oils, oils, pH, packaging films, psychrotrophic bacteria, shelf life, storage temperature, trays, weight loss
Fabrication of active PET films assembled with antimicrobial chitosan and alginate coatings incorporating black cumin oil(BCO) was performed by layer-by-layer(LbL) technique and effect of active packaging film on quality and shelf-life of chicken breast meats stored at 4 °C for 5 days was investigated. Multilayer films were characterized in terms of surface morphology, color, thickness, and antimicrobial activity. Incorporation of BCO into film demonstrated antimicrobial activity against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli, and spherical particles on surface profile. Changes in weight loss, color, pH, total aerobic mesophilic(TAMC), and psychrotrophic bacteria counts(PBC) of chicken meat, packaged in trays containing antimicrobial films, were observed. Increase in pH values was higher in control samples than samples packaged with antimicrobial film during storage. Samples stored in active packaging had slightly lower TAMC and PBC compared to control samples. Results indicated that active film containing BCO has the potential to maintain safety and quality of chicken meat.