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Economic and efficient method of design of a flumed canal fall

Mazumder, S. K.
ISH journal of hydraulic engineering 2019 v.25 no.1 pp. 44-50
basins, energy, irrigation canals
Innumerable falls are to be provided in irrigation canals where ground slope exceeds the permissible bed slope of a canal. In the conventional method of design, fluming ratio is fixed arbitrarily irrespective of inflow Froude’s number. Long lengths of inlet and outlet transitions are provided to prevent flow separation. Transition and dissipation structures are kept separate resulting in high costs. Hydraulic performance of the conventional fall structure is also not so satisfactory. Analytical and experimental studies were conducted by the author to find an efficient and economic method of design of falls. Optimum fluming ratio and optimum length of transitions are found both for economy as well as efficiency. An efficient and economic stilling basin with rapidly diverging side walls and adversely sloping floor, which act simultaneously as energy dissipater and transition, has been recommended. An example has been worked out to illustrate the design procedure of the proposed canal fall.