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Sediment removal efficiency estimation criteria for modern day desilting basins

Sinha, Satyajeet, Singh, Amar Pal
ISH journal of hydraulic engineering 2019 v.25 no.1 pp. 104-117
analytical methods, basins, friction, sediments, water power
Nowadays most of the desilting basins constructed or proposed in hydro power projects are modified in shape to increase desilting efficiency and structural stability; can be lined or unlined depending upon geological conditions faced. The desilting basin is an arrangement having increased cross-sectional area to reduce velocity of flow to such an extent that sediment particles settle within it efficiently. Most of the present day desilting basins are designed as wide rectangular basins; however, in general width/depth ratio is not too high nor is the desilting basin completely rectangular in shape. The purpose of this paper is to modify existing empirical and analytical methods used for desilting efficiency estimation for modified shaped desilting basins using hydraulic radius parameter, actual area consideration that will be applicable to both lined and unlined desilting chambers using friction factor parameter and to address limitations from applicability point of view.