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Isolation and functional analysis of MxNAS3 involved in enhanced iron stress tolerance and abnormal flower in transgenic Arabidopsis

Han, Deguo, Zhang, Zhaoyuan, Ni, Boxin, Ding, Haibin, Liu, Wei, Li, Wenhui, Chai, Lijing, Yang, Guohui
Journal of plant interactions 2018 v.13 no.1 pp. 433-441
Arabidopsis thaliana, Malus, abscisic acid, cell membranes, chlorophyll, gene overexpression, genes, indole acetic acid, iron, leaves, manganese, molecular cloning, nicotianamine, phloem, stress tolerance, transgenic plants, zinc
Metal trace elements, such as Fe, Zn, and Mn, are necessary micronutrients required by all plants. In this study, the MxNAS3 gene was cloned from Malus xiaojinensis and MxNAS3 was localized in the cytoplasmic membrane. The expression level of MxNAS3 in root and new leaf was higher than in mature leaf and phloem, which was greatly influenced by high and low Fe stresses, IAA and ABA treatments in M. xiaojinensis. Over-expression of MxNAS3 in transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana contributed to enhanced Fe stress tolerance, as well as higher levels of root length, fresh weight, concentrations of chlorophyll, nicotianamine, Fe, Zn, and Mn, especially under high and low Fe stresses. More importantly, it was the first time for us to find that higher expression of MxNAS3 in transgenic A. thaliana contributed to misshappen flowers. Moreover, the MxNAS5-OE A. thaliana had increased expression levels of flowering-related genes (AtYSL1, AtYSL3, AtAFDL, AtAP1, ATMYB21, and AtSAP).