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Key Variables Screening of Near-Infrared Models for Simultaneous Determination of Quality Parameters in Traditional Chinese Food “Fuzhu”

Wang, Jiahua, Wang, Jun, Zhang, Xiaowei, Cheng, Jingjing, Li, Qingyu
Journal of food quality 2018 v.2018
chemometrics, heat, least squares, lipids, models, near-infrared spectroscopy, prediction, reflectance spectroscopy, screening, soymilk, spectrometers, wavelet
The traditional Chinese food Fuzhu is a dried soy protein-lipid film formed during the heating of soymilk. This study investigates whether a simple and accurate model can nondestructively determine the quality parameters of intact Fuzhu. The diffused reflectance spectra (1000–2499 nm) of intact Fuzhu were collected by a commercial near-infrared (NIR) spectrometer. Among various preprocessing methods, the derivative by wavelet transform method optimally enhanced the characteristic signals of Fuzhu spectra. Uninformative variable elimination based on Monte Carlo (MC-UVE), random frog (RF), and competitive adaptive reweighted sampling (CARS) were proposed to select key variables for partial least squares (PLS) calculation. The strong performance of the developed models is attributed to the high ratios of prediction to deviation values (3.32–3.51 for protein, 3.62–3.89 for lipid, and 4.27–4.55 for moisture). The prediction set was used to assess the performances of the best models of protein (CARS-PLS), lipid (RF-PLS), and moisture (CARS-PLS), which resulted in greater coefficients of determination of 0.958, 0.966, and 0.976, respectively, and lower root mean square errors of prediction of 0.656%, 0.442%, and 0.123%, respectively. Combined with chemometrics methods, the NIR technique is promising for simultaneous testing of quality parameters of intact Fuzhu.