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Surface properties of electrodeposited a-Si:C:H:F thin films by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy

Ram, P, Singh, J, Ramamohan, T. R, Venkatachalam, S, Sundarsingh, V. P
Journal of materials science 1997 v.32 no.23 pp. 6305-6310
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, carbon, ethylene glycol, fluorine, hydrogen, infrared spectroscopy, oxygen, scanning electron microscopy, silicon, silicon carbide
Surface properties of amorphous silicon thin films containing hydrogen, flourine and carbon obtained from hydrofluosilicic acid and ethylene glycol using the electrodeposition method are reported as a function of current density and deposition time. The Si2p core level X-ray photoelectron spectra exhibited binding-energy shifts corresponding to SiFx (x=1–4), SiC, Si-H and Si-O2 type bond formations. The shifts in 1s spectra of fluorine, carbon and oxygen confirmed the presence of fluorine, carbon and oxygen in bonded form. Theoretical binding-energy shifts calculated from Pauling's electronegativity values were in close agreement with the measured values. The relative concentration values of C/Si estimated in these films were found to be larger than those of F/Si and O/Si. The results were corroborated with infrared spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy data.