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Voltammetric Behavior, Identifying and Quantitatively Determining Iron-Based Nanoparticles, and Evaluating Their Stability in Simulated Solutions of Gastric Juice

Dubova, N. M., Slepchenko, G. B., Khlusov, I. A., Ostapenko, M. S., Nesterov, E. A.
Journal of Analytical Methods in Chemistry (Online) 2018 v.2018
carbon, carbon electrodes, coatings, diazonium compounds, electrochemistry, gastric juice, iron, iron oxides, nanoparticles, pH, salts
The electrochemical behavior of Fe₃O₄ nanoparticles, iron nanoparticles coated with carbon, and diazonium salts by voltammetry methods using a carbon paste electrode (CPE) has been studied. There has been developed a voltammetric method for identifying and quantifying solid-phase iron-based nanoparticles in the background electrolyte of 0.02 mole/dm³ Trilon B (pH 3.5) with the use of the CPE. Investigations of nanoparticles’ stability with various coatings in a simulated solution of gastric juice have been carried out. Nanoparticles stability has been evaluated on the basis of determining Fe(III) ions in a simulated solution after contacting with nanoparticles within different periods of time using the method of inversion voltammetry. It has been shown that nanoparticles coated with carbon and salts of arendiazonium are the most resistant to aggressive media.