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Natural Biomaterial-Based Edible and pH-Sensitive Films Combined with Electrochemical Writing for Intelligent Food Packaging

Zhai, Xiaodong, Li, Zhihua, Zhang, Junjun, Shi, Jiyong, Zou, Xiaobo, Huang, Xiaowei, Zhang, Di, Sun, Yue, Yang, Zhikun, Holmes, Melvin, Gong, Yunyun, Povey, Megan
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 2018 v.66 no.48 pp. 12836-12846
anthocyanins, color, composite films, composite materials, electrochemistry, fish, food packaging, food spoilage, gelatin, gellan gum, milk, monitoring, oxygen, pH, radishes, spoilage, tensile strength
An edible and pH-sensitive film combined with electrochemical writing was developed by using gelatin, gellan gum, and red radish anthocyanins extract for intelligent food packaging. The composite film showed an orange red-to-yellow color change in the pH range of 2–12. The tensile strength, ductility, and barrier abilities to ultraviolet (UV) light and oxygen of the films were improved as the concentration of red radish anthocyanins increased. Multicolor patterns were successfully drawn on the films by using the electrochemical writing method. The composite films, which acted as gas sensors, presented visible color changes in the presence of milk and fish spoilage, while the written patterns were well-preserved. Accordingly, this composite film with written patterns could be an easy-to-use indicator with great potential for monitoring food spoilage as a part of an intelligent packaging system.