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The analysis of the influence of the normal restitution coefficient model on calculated particles velocities by means of Eulerian-Lagrangian approach

Ludwig, Wojciech, Płuszka, Paweƚ
Powder technology 2019 v.344 pp. 140-151
cellulose, computer simulation, models, powders
The main aim of the research presented in the paper was to determine the sensitivity of the model describing the flow of the dispersed phase in the spout-fluid bed apparatus operating in a fast circulating dilute spout-fluid bed regime to the way of calculating the normal restitution coefficient during collisions of particles with the wall. On the basis of relevant literature, four models were selected that could be applied to microcrystalline cellulose particles used in the described device: Thornton's, two variants of Jackson-Green, and LWT (Li-Wu-Thornton). The results of the dispersed phase velocity in the draft tube and annular zone of the device obtained from the computer simulations were compared with the experimental data. The LWT model, which accurately reproduces the particle velocity in the draft tube zone, provided the best match with the measured data.