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Anchor assisted warping of the chromatograms: A novel procedure to correct the drifts in the chromatographic peak positions

Kumar, Keshav
Talanta 2019 v.195 pp. 543-549
algorithms, chromatography, information storage
The present work introduces anchor assisted warping (AAW) technique to correct the drift in the chromatographic peak positions. The proposed approach finds the suitable anchors in an automatic fashion without asking for any inputs from the user. These anchors are further used as reference peaks to correct the drifts in the peak positions. The AAW technique also reduces the computational burden and data storage issues while carrying out the alignment. The proposed approach is successfully used to align the chromatograms having the complex drifts in the peak positions. Various calculated statistical parameters clearly suggests that AAW algorithm provides a simple and user-friendly technique to correct the drifts in the peak position. The AAW technique can be integrated in the data analysis work-packages to ensure that chromatograms are compared on the correct frame. It will certainly reduce the false outcomes of the data analysis routines. In summary, AAW technique can be useful tool in speeding up the chemical and biological research.