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Preparation of a novel composite phase change material (PCM) and its locally enhanced heat transfer for power battery module

Zou, Deqiu, Liu, Xiaoshi, He, Ruijun, Zhu, SiXian, Bao, Jiaming, Guo, Jiangrong, Hu, Zhigang, Wang, Binghui
Energy conversion and management 2019 v.180 pp. 1196-1202
batteries, copper, energy, foams, heat transfer, phase transition, temperature, thermal conductivity
The rapid development of new energy vehicles urgently requires lightweight power battery modules with excellent thermal performance. To achieve this goal, a high thermal conductivity composite phase change materials (CPCM) was prepared and its locally enhanced heat transfer characteristics of power battery module were experimentally studied. The results showed that CPCM had almost the same localized heat transfer effect as copper foam/PCM under different thermal environment. Furthermore, locally enhanced heat transfer characteristics have been comparatively studied for center regions with different sizes in the power battery module using the CPCM as cooling media. The results showed that when 4 batteries were enhanced using CPCM, the maximum temperature in a 36-battery module during the 3C discharge was limited to 44.6 °C while the maximum temperature difference was limited to 0.8 °C. Interestingly, the results revealed that the maximum temperature of battery module was slightly increased (less than 1%) but the temperature difference was reduced by 46.7% compared with enhancement for 16 batteries, which was helpful to improve the temperature consistency of the battery module.