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Effects of pre-emulsification by three food-grade emulsifiers on the properties of emulsified surimi sausage

Liu, Xiangyu, Ji, Lei, Zhang, Tao, Xue, Yong, Xue, Changhu
Journal of food engineering 2019 v.247 pp. 30-37
adhesion, droplets, emulsifiers, emulsifying, hardness, konjac mannan, light microscopy, myosin, particle size, peanut oil, phosphates, rheology, sausages, soy protein isolate, surimi, texture, water holding capacity
In this study, we investigated the effects of peanut oil pre-emulsification by three food-grade emulsifiers (soy protein isolate (SPI), konjac glucomannan (KGM), and acetylated distarch phosphate (ADSP)) on the properties of emulsified surimi sausage. TPA tests showed that KGM comprehensively improved sausage texture. SPI reduced the emulsified sausage hardness from 131.37 ± 3.12 N to 111.13 ± 1.23 N and ADSP reduced the adhesiveness of the product from −0.57 ± 0.05 to −0.37 ± 0.04. The water holding capacity, emulsification stability, and whiteness properties improved significantly after adding the pre-emulsified peanut oil (p < 0.05). Rheology experiments and particle size measurements revealed competitive emulsification between myosin and each emulsifier. Finally, more uniform distributions of oil droplets in the SPI, KGM, and ADSP groups were observed by optical microscopy. Overall, KGM is suggested as the ideal candidate for the pre-emulsification of peanut oil for emulsified surimi sausage products.