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Advice on assistance and protection by the Scientific Advisory Board of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons: Part 2. On preventing and treating health effects from acute, prolonged, and repeated nerve agent exposure, and the identification of medical countermeasures able to reduce or eliminate the longer term health effects of nerve agents

Timperley, Christopher M., Abdollahi, Mohammad, Al-Amri, Abdullah Saeed, Baulig, Augustin, Benachour, Djafer, Borrett, Veronica, Cariño, Flerida A., Geist, Michael, Gonzalez, David, Kane, William, Kovarik, Zrinka, Martínez-Álvarez, Roberto, Fusaro Mourão, Nicia Maria, Neffe, Slawomir, Raza, Syed K., Rubaylo, Valentin, Suárez, Alejandra Graciela, Takeuchi, Koji, Tang, Cheng, Trifirò, Ferruccio, van Straten, Francois Mauritz, Vanninen, Paula S., Vučinić, Slavica, Zaitsev, Volodymyr, Zafar-Uz-Zaman, Muhammad, Zina, Mongia Saïd, Holen, Stian, Forman, Jonathan E., Alwan, Wesam S., Suri, Vivek
Toxicology 2019 v.413 pp. 13-23
decontamination, education programs, health effects assessments, nerve agents
The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has provided advice in relation to the Chemical Weapons Convention on assistance and protection. We present the SAB’s response to a request from the OPCW Director-General in 2014 for information on the best practices for preventing and treating the health effects from acute, prolonged, and repeated organophosphorus nerve agent (NA) exposure. The report summarises pre- and post-exposure treatments, and developments in decontaminants and adsorbing materials, that at the time of the advice, were available for NAs. The updated information provided could assist medics and emergency responders unfamiliar with treatment and decontamination options related to exposure to NAs. The SAB recommended that developments in research on medical countermeasures and decontaminants for NAs should be monitored by the OPCW, and used in assistance and protection training courses and workshops organised through its capacity building programmes.