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Regulatory non-coding sRNAs in bacterial metabolic pathway engineering

Leistra, Abigail N., Curtis, Nicholas C., Contreras, Lydia M.
Metabolic engineering 2019 v.52 pp. 190-214
bacteria, biochemical pathways, metabolism, non-coding RNA, phenotype
Non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs) are versatile and powerful controllers of gene expression that have been increasingly linked to cellular metabolism and phenotype. In bacteria, identified and characterized ncRNAs range from trans-acting, multi-target small non-coding RNAs to dynamic, cis-encoded regulatory untranslated regions and riboswitches. These native regulators have inspired the design and construction of many synthetic RNA devices. In this work, we review the design, characterization, and impact of ncRNAs in engineering both native and exogenous metabolic pathways in bacteria. We also consider the opportunities afforded by recent high-throughput approaches for characterizing sRNA regulators and their corresponding networks to showcase their potential applications and impact in engineering bacterial metabolism.