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Probiotic dairy-based beverages: A review

Turkmen, Nazli, Akal, Ceren, Özer, Barbaros
Journal of functional foods 2019 v.53 pp. 62-75
acidophilus milk, beverages, buttermilk, cheese whey, market value, markets, milk, probiotics, viability, whey, Europe, North America
This review primarily focuses on the technology of commercially available milk-based probiotic beverages including acidophilus milk, bifidus milk, acidophilus-yeast milk, acidophilin, etc. These products have long been enjoying a market success especially in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific countries. Cheese whey and buttermilk whey also offer suitable matrices for the growth and viability of probiotic microorganisms and, therefore, they are potential sources for the development of probiotic dairy-based beverages. Although a great number of research have been carried out on whey-based functional beverages which some of them are already available in the food markets, whey or buttermilk whey-based probiotic beverages are yet to reach a market value. Results of the scientific studies on probiotic whey-based beverages are promising and these products are expected to find spaces in the functional beverages market in the near future. Technology of whey- and buttermilk whey-based probiotic beverages are also presented in this review.