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Communication, behaviour, and decision making in crayfish: A review

Kubec, Jan, Kouba, Antonín, Buřič, Miloš
Zoologischer Anzeiger 2019 v.278 pp. 28-37
Crustacea, decision making, freshwater crayfish, habitats, introduced species, models, nervous system, reproductive behavior, social behavior, vertebrates
Animals exhibit behavioural patterns characterized by responses to information received from internal and external stimuli. The ultimate response or decision is based on physical, chemical, or biological factors and their analysis by the nervous system, and may be influenced by previous experiences, stressors, and limitations. This review summarizes behavioural patterns connected with decision making in crayfish, and includes similarities to vertebrates and other invertebrates that may be applied to freshwater crayfish. Concurrently, purpose of this review is introduce behavioural patterns from outside and inside of crustaceans taxa, in which might crayfish have potential exhibit them. Knowledge of patterns influencing behavioural responses and decisions in organisms is necessary for understanding basic biological relationships and for extraction of information applicable to crayfish. Information on sensory and nervous systems, communication, social behaviour, reproductive behaviour, and decision making within the context of species success and adaptations to changing environments will contribute to a model design for future studies of reproductive and social behaviour and behavioural ecology of crayfish. The study of crayfish behavioural patterns can extend knowledge of habitat and reproductive requirements of native crayfish as well as investigate success and impacts of non-native species in environment.