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Silicalite-1 zeolite membrane: Synthesis by seed method and application in organics removal

Li, Jiexin, Shi, Chunhong, Zhang, Huifeng, Zhang, Xinfei, Wei, Yangyang, Jiang, Kai, Zhang, Baogang
Chemosphere 2019 v.218 pp. 984-991
antifouling activities, crystallization, dyes, temperature, wastewater treatment, zeolites
Silicalite-1 (S-1) zeolite membrane synthesized by seed method with superior features attracts intensive attentions, while the influences of key parameters during synthesis process and its applications for organics removal require further investigation. This study revealed the morphology and the structure of the prepared membranes under different crystallization temperatures and seed concentrations by using a suite of characterization methods. The as-prepared membrane under optimal condition (crystallization temperature of 175 °C and seed concentration of 1.0 wt. %) possessed high membrane integrity, with ideal separation factor of 4.0. It also exhibited outstanding performance for organics removal, with dyes retention of 99.9% and 99.2% for 500 mg L−1 neutral red and 500 mg L−1 methyl blue, respectively. Excellent antifouling property of the synthesized membrane was also proved. Results of this work can guide the characteristic improvement of the S-1 zeolite membrane by adjusting key parameters and broaden its applications in dye wastewater treatment.