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Taxonomic notes on social wasps of the groups of Mischocyttarus wagneri (Buysson 1908) and M. barbatus Richards 1945 (Hymenoptera, Vespidae, Polistinae)

Silveira, Orlando Tobias
Revista Brasileira de entomologia 2019 v.63 no.1 pp. 53-72
Mischocyttarus, highlands, new species, social wasps, taxonomic keys, South America
Taxonomic revisionary notes and identification keys are presented for two species-groups of wasps of the genus Mischocyttarus, subgenus Phi. Material of the M. wagneri and M. barbatus groups, including types, was examined in several collections, resulting in description of one new species for the first mentioned group (M. camanducaia sp. nov.), and several new synonymies for both groups as follows (senior synonym in bold): [Mischocyttarus moureiZikán 1949=Mischocyttarus lanei Zikán 1949=Mischocyttarus plaumanni Zikán 1949]; [Mischocyttarus declaratusZikán 1935=Mischocyttarus confirmatus Zikán 1935=Mischocyttarus brackmanni Zikán 1949=Mischocyttarus alternatus Zikán 1949=Mischocyttarus cabauna Zikán 1949]; [Mischocyttarus barbatusRichards 1945=Mischocyttarus ecuadorensis Zikán 1949=Mischocyttarus peduncularius Zikán 1949]. In addition, several cases are demonstrated of changing in group content, with species being moved into and out of groups as required. Both groups are distributed on the highlands of Central and South America, with the M. wagneri group being endemic to southeastern areas of the continent.