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Comparative study on the behaviour of Chitosan-Gelatin based Hydrogel and nanocomposite ion exchanger synthesized under microwave conditions towards photocatalytic removal of cationic dyes

Kaur, Kuljit, Jindal, Rajeev
Carbohydrate polymers 2019 v.207 pp. 398-410
adsorption, dyes, hydrogels, kinetics, nanocomposites, photocatalysis, photolysis, zirconium
The present work reports the comparison study of Chitosan-Gelatin based hydrogels with their nanocomposite ion exchangers synthesized under microwave conditions for the adsorption and photodegradation of the cationic dyes. In this report, the hydrogel based on Chitosan-Gelatin, more selective for anionic dyes is modified to nanocomposite ion exchanger by incorporating the zirconium (IV) selenophosphate to make it selective for cationic dyes. The nanocomposite was investigated with a tremendous hike in the degradation capacity (99% from 12%) of MB after being modified to nanocomposite ion exchanger. Adsorption process followed Langmuir adsorption (Qo = 10.46 mgg−1) and non linear PFO kinetic model with k1, qe (calculated), R2, RMSE = 0.011, 1.02 (mgg−1), 0.996, and 0.01709 respectively.