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Toxicity focus is essential for Green Chemistry Adoption and sustainable product development

Vaidya, Neelam
Sustainable chemistry and pharmacy 2019 v.11 pp. 12-16
agrochemicals, business enterprises, databases, drugs, green chemistry, industry, product development, raw materials, risk, toxic substances, toxicity, wastes, world markets
‘Green Chemistry Adoption’ prescribes that companies must evaluate toxicity impact throughout the product development lifecycle, minimize the toxic waste generation, and use of toxic raw material. As more companies are adopting Green chemistry, there is a critical need to understand the toxicity of chemicals in terms of ecological and health impact. ViridisChem has built the most comprehensive toxicity database with over 90 million chemicals and 2.4 billion properties and has 10 times more toxicity data than any other chemical database available in the global market. Utilizing this information, it is developing products that can analyze any chemicals, even the new and postulated molecules, mixtures/formulations, and processes.Using these tools, pharmaceutical, biochemical, agrochemical industries and the chemical suppliers can:Predict the toxicity of new molecules and their derivatives in real-time, thereby screen out the toxic drug targets, and avoid spending R&D time on themAvoid the use of toxic raw materials, and quickly find better and less toxic chemicals that satisfy the reaction specific requirementsFully understand the health, safety and ecological risks of toxic formulations, and find better formulations that offer the same benefitsAvoid the use of cocktail of formulations that may be non-toxic individually, but become very potent when combinedDefine sustainable product development processes by avoiding toxic reagents during every step, and minimizing the toxic waste