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Characteristics of extruded cereal snacks enriched by an addition of freeze‐dried red and purple potatoes

Gumul, Dorota, Ziobro, Rafał, Korus, Jarosław, Kruczek, Marek, Árvay, Július
Journal of food process engineering 2018 v.41 no.8 pp. e12927
antioxidant activity, bioactive compounds, carotenoids, celiac disease, corn, extrusion, food technology, freeze drying, gluten-free foods, health promotion, nutrients, nutritional adequacy, nutritive value, patients, physical properties, polyphenols, potatoes, snacks
The aim of the study was to analyze polyphenolic compounds and carotenoids present in maize extrudates with different share (5; 15 and 25%) of freeze‐dried red and purple potatoes of varieties—Magenta Love (red variety) and Blue Star (purple variety), and to determine their antioxidant capacity, and indicate which of the above varieties would be more favorable for enrichment of maize snacks with health‐promoting compounds. Moreover, the analysis of basic nutrients and physical properties of extrudates with the share of freeze‐dried red/purple potatoes was done. High level of bioactive polyphenols in freeze‐dried red and purple potatoes allowed the production of innovative maize snacks with elevated antioxidant potential. The best results were obtained with 25% levels of freeze‐dried Magenta Love potatoes in the extrudates. Such addition also allowed maintenance of physical properties of extrudates and improvement of nutritional value and pro‐health value. PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS: Extrusion is a continuous, comprehensive and efficient industrial technology. The process is increasingly being used in food technology, as it gives the opportunity to obtain products of the profiled nutritional and dietary quality. Red and purple potatoes are rich in bioactive compounds from the group of polyphenols, which could improve quality and pro‐health value of extruded products. It seems that their use for the manufacture of extruded maize snacks could enrich these products in bioactive components, and on the other hand extend the portfolio of gluten‐free products available for patients with celiac disease.