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Effects of ultrasound on the fermentation profile of fermented milk products incorporated with lactic acid bacteria

Abesinghe, A.M.N.L., Islam, N., Vidanarachchi, J.K., Prakash, S., Silva, K.F.S.T., Karim, M.A.
International dairy journal 2019 v.90 pp. 1-14
color, emulsifying, fermentation, fermented milk, flavor, flavor compounds, gels, lactic acid bacteria, milk, milk fat, processing time, ultrasonics
Ultrasonic processing of fermented milk products has created much interest in current research on dairy products. This has been employed in cultured milk products to enhance the emulsification of milk fat and to intensify the fermentation process. Benefits including remarkable product stability, reduced processing time and enhanced quality are being recorded. Ultrasound (US) altered the colour and flavour profile of milk; however, the effect of US-induced fermentation on the synthesis of flavour compounds in milk has not been reported in the literature. This review paper presents a comprehensive scenario on the impact of power US on the fermentation profile and quality of ultrasonically processed dairy products. A theoretical background on US and details of its effect on the metabolic performance of lactic acid bacteria are presented. Finally, it describes how the quality attributes of fermented milk gels are modified due to the intensification of the fermentation process with US.