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Optimizing light distribution and controlling biomass concentration by continuously pre-harvesting Spirulina platensis for improving the microalgae production

Liu, Huan, Chen, Hongjun, Wang, Shan, Liu, Qing, Li, Sen, Song, Xueer, Huang, Jiaojiao, Wang, Xin, Jia, Lishan
Bioresource technology 2018 v.252 pp. 14-19
Arthrospira platensis, algae culture, biomass production, culture media, models, photobioreactors, recycling
To improve the microalgae production in batch cultivation, a cultivation mode that continuously pre-harvesting Spirulina platensis from photobioreactor (PBR) with culture medium recycling was proposed. For realizing the continuously pre-harvesting cultivation mode, a Spirulina platensis culture column PBR with overflowing device was designed, which could adjust pre-harvesting rate through the overflowing device. By adjusting the pre-harvesting rate, the biomass concentration could be kept when biomass accumulation and pre-harvesting biomass were equal. Hence, the meridional light attenuation could be reduced by controlling biomass concentration in PBR. The maximum microalgae production were 44.6%, 10.98% higher in total production than that cultivated in batch cultivation without pre-harvesting and periodically pre-harvesting cultivation mode respectively, which was realized in pre-harvesting rate 0.228 mL min−1 and biomass concentration 1.8 g L−1. Besides, a model was built by mass balance and polynomial fitting for evaluating the continuously pre-harvesting cultivation mode.