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Fed-batch cultivation with CO2 and monoethanolamine: Influence on Chlorella fusca LEB 111 cultivation, carbon biofixation and biomolecules production

Rosa, G.M., Morais, M.G., Costa, J.A.V.
Bioresource technology 2019 v.273 pp. 627-633
Chlorella, absorbents, absorption, bicarbonates, biomass, carbon, carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide fixation, chemical equilibrium, chemical species, ethanolamine, lipids, proteins
The aim of this study was to evaluate the interaction between the periodic addition of monoethanolamine (MEA) and CO2 during the cultivation of Chlorella fusca LEB 111. For this purpose, MEA has been added in abiotic assays, followed by fed-batch cultures with that green alga and the absorbent. BG-11 medium shown a higher potential of CO2 absorption with MEA addition, and the bicarbonate was the chemical species of carbon prevailing in the chemical equilibrium. The periodic addition of MEA did not reduce the kinetics of growth, promoted a higher accumulation of DIC (81.4 mg L−1) in the medium and protein (44.0% w w−1) and lipid (30.8% w w−1) concentrations in the biomass of C. fusca LEB 111. Therefore, it was demonstrated that fed-batch culture with MEA increased CO2 fixation and the biomolecule synthesis as proteins and lipids.