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Runoff Predictions in Ungauged Arctic Basins Using Conceptual Models Forced by Reanalysis Data

Ayzel, G. V.
Water resources 2018 v.45 no.Supplement 2 pp. 1-7
basins, climatic factors, data collection, global warming, hydrologic models, landscapes, prediction, runoff, soil, vegetation cover, water resources, Arctic region
Due to global warming, the problem of assessing water resources and their vulnerability to climate drivers in the Arctic region has become a focus in the recent years. This study is aimed at investigating three lumped hydrological models to predict daily runoff of large-scale Arctic basins in the case of substantial data scarcity. All models were driven only by meteorological forcing reanalysis dataset without any additional information about landscape, soil, or vegetation cover properties of the studied basins. Model parameter regionalization based on transferring the whole parameter set showed good efficiency for predictions in ungauged basins. We run a blind test of the proposed methodology for ensemble runoff predictions on five sub-basins, for which only monthly observations were available, and obtained promising results for current water resources assessment for a broad domain of ungauged basins in the Russian Arctic.