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Application of the Land Surface Model SWAP and Global Climate Model INMCM4.0 for Projecting Runoff of Northern Russian Rivers. 1. Historical Simulations

Nasonova, O. N., Gusev, Ye. M., Volodin, E. M., Kovalev, E. E.
Water resources 2018 v.45 no.Supplement 2 pp. 73-84
basins, climate models, hydrograph, rivers, runoff, stream flow, watershed hydrology, watersheds, Siberia
The aim of this study was investigating the ability of the AOGCM INMCM4.0 and LSM SWAP to reproduce streamflow of nine northern Russian rivers located in the European Russia and the Eastern Siberia. SWAP was driven by two sets of meteorological forcing data: simulated by INMCM4.0 and derived from direct observations at meteorological stations located within the river basins. For SWAP simulations, the values of some model parameters were optimized. Instantaneous river runoff simulated by both models for each model grid cell was routed though a river network of each basin by a flow routing model to obtain hydrographs at a basin outlet. The simulated forcing data and streamflow hydrographs were compared with measurements on different temporal scales. The results of the comparison are presented and analyzed.