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Research on pressure drop solution and pilot-scale application of bio-trickling filter for the treatment of butan-2-yl ethanoate

Zhang, Yun, Liu, Jia, Deng, Wei, Qin, Yiwei, Xing, Yi, Li, Jian
Process biochemistry 2019 v.79 pp. 118-126
high-throughput nucleotide sequencing, microorganisms, pharmaceutical industry
A pilot-scale bio-trickling filter (BTF) packed with ceramsite was investigated to treat butan-2-yl ethanoate (BE), which is discharged from the pharmaceutical industry. To choose an appropriate operation technology, the performance of twin bench-scale BTFs, vertical (BTF1) and horizontal (BTF2) towers, to purify BE were tested. The BTF1 had superior degradation capabilities when compared to BTF2, a quick start up of three days, a maximum elimination capacity of 548.5 g/(m3h) and an average removal efficiency of approximately 95% with an empty bed residence time (EBRT) of 17 s. Therefore, in a subsequent pilot test, a vertical BTF with a high-temperature shade net was setup, which demonstrated effective BE degradation performance. The pressure drop of the vertical BTFs could be addressed effectively by commutation and optimizing the nutrient supply. A high-throughput sequencing comparison of the three towers indicated similarity in the microorganisms between the two vertical BTFs, indicating that the flow patterns within the tower could affect microorganisms cultivation.