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Flexible and robust laser-induced graphene heaters photothermally scribed on bare polyimide substrates

Bobinger, Marco R., Romero, Francisco J., Salinas-Castillo, Alfonso, Becherer, Markus, Lugli, Paolo, Morales, Diego P., Rodríguez, Noel, Rivadeneyra, Almudena
Carbon 2019 v.144 pp. 116-126
biocompatibility, computers, cost effectiveness, diodes, electrical properties, graphene, heaters, temperature
We demonstrate the feasibility of fabricating cost-effective and robust laser-induced graphene (LIG) flexible heaters with an innovative technique based on the photothermal production of graphene with a foam-like morphology. The produced devices are precisely defined on a bare polyimide substrate without the need of photomasks by employing a computer numerical control (CNC) driven laser diode. The electrical properties of the LIG-based heaters can be tailored by adjusting the laser power. The resulting conductive material exhibits electrical and chemical properties which are similar to the ones for graphene such as a negative temperature coefficient of −0.46 m°C−1 and a maximum operating temperature of around 400 °C. The developed heaters can outperform the existing emerging technologies showing a very rapid and stable response up to 225 °C with the extra features of flexibility, biocompatibility, and environmental friendliness.