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Micro-quantity straw as a carrier for cryopreservation of oligozoospermic semen samples: Effects of storage times and cryoprotectant

Ziarati, Niloofar, Topraggaleh, Tohid Rezaei, Rahimizadeh, Pegah, Montazeri, Leila, Maroufizadeh, Saman, Sadighi Gilani, Mohammad Ali, Shahverdi, Abdolhossein
Cryobiology 2019 v.86 pp. 65-70
DNA, citrates, cryopreservation, cryoprotectants, egg yolk, freezing, glycerol, nitrogen, semen, sperm quality, storage time, straw, vapors, viability
Application of an appropriate freezing carrier is crucial for improving post-thaw recovery of oligozoospermic samples. In this study, our purpose is developing a user-friendly, easy handling and close micro-quantity (MQ) straw along with different freezing media, for cryopreservation of oligozoospermic samples. Twenty oligozoospermic semen samples were collected and mixed with glycerol egg yolk citrate (GEYC) or Spermfreeze® (SPF) medium. The mixture was loaded into MQ straws, sealed and stored in liquid nitrogen (LN) vapor. After freezing, the straws were transferred into cryotube and plunged into LN. Post-thawed sperm parameters including motion characteristics, viability, membrane and DNA integrity were evaluated one and three months after cryopreservation. The post-thawed sperm parameters were significantly reduced in GEYC and SPF medium compared to fresh samples. No statistically significant differences were seen in sperm characteristics between the two storage times (i.e. month 1 vs. month 3). Furthermore, GEYC medium yielded higher motility, viability and membrane integrity compared to SPF at both storage time-points. Sperm DNA integrity was also improved in GEYC group compared to SPF after 1 month of storage. The findings of our study showed that application of MQ straw along with GEYC, as the cryoprotectant, was beneficial for cryopreservation of low count semen samples.