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Design and performance of a novel foaming device for plugging air leakage in underground coal mines

Zheng, Xuezhao, Zhang, Duo, Wen, Hu
Powder technology 2019 v.344 pp. 842-848
air, carbon monoxide, cement, coal, combustion, foaming, loess, oxygen, powders, working conditions
Air leakage to the gob is an indispensable factor in spontaneous combustion in underground coal mine. Foam cement is used as an effective means to overcome this problem. To obtain high-quality foam, a novel foaming device was designed. The performance of the device was tested under different working conditions. The test results demonstrate that reasonable operating conditions of the device are: a gas pressure of 0.4–0.6 MPa, foaming agent flow rate of 0.006–0.012 m3/h, and gas-water flow ratio of 14–17. Comparing the filling effect of the foam cement produced by the novel foaming device to a traditional filling material, loess, it is found that the oxygen and carbon monoxide concentrations in the gob are greatly reduced; in other words, the foam cement showed an outstanding effect of plugging air leakage. The proposed novel foaming device could greatly promote the large-scale application of foam cement filling technology used to suppress air leakage in underground coal mines to prevent spontaneous combustion.