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Recovery of resin acids from fast pyrolysis of pine

Kim, Kwang Ho, Daugaard, Tannon J., Smith, Ryan, Mba-Wright, Mark, Brown, Robert C.
Journal of analytical and applied pyrolysis 2019 v.138 pp. 132-136
Pinus, aerosols, biofuels, fluidized beds, pyrolysis, resin acids, temperature, wood
The potential recovery of resin acids from the fast pyrolysis of pine was assessed using both a batch micropyrolyzer and continuous fluidized bed reactor. Fast pyrolysis in the micropyrolyzer was conducted at 200 to 600 °C to determine the optimal pyrolysis temperature for the recovery of resin acids from pine. Maximum yield of resin acids occurred at 500 °C. Pyrolysis in a continuous fluidized bed reactor demonstrated that resin acids could be recovered from the heavy fraction of condensed pyrolysate. By increasing the temperature of the electrostatic precipitator (ESP) used to capture aerosols from 100 to 250 °C, the yield of resin acids in the recovered aerosol increased from 3.1 to 5.2 wt% based on the SF1 bio-oil. The results showed that fast pyrolysis can effectively produce resin acids-rich bio-oil from pine wood.