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Biotransformation of bakery industry sludge into valuable product using vermicomposting

Yadav, Anoop, Garg, V.K.
Bioresource technology 2019 v.274 pp. 512-517
bakery industry, biotransformation, carbon nitrogen ratio, cow manure, earthworms, metals, pH, sludge, vermicomposting, vermicomposts
The aim of present work was to evaluate periodic changes in bakery industry sludge during vermicomposting. Six different blends of cow dung (CD) and bakery industry sludge (BIS) containing 10 to 50% of BIS were assessed in this study. Changes in physico-chemical parameters were evaluated at 21 days interval up to 105 days. Earthworms significantly increased NPK content and EC, while decreased pH, TOC and C: N ratio of BIS. After vermicomposting, TKN, TAP and TK contents increased 2.0–3.5, 1.2–1.9 and 1.2–1.4 times, respectively as compared to initial blends. A significant reduction (65.4–83.5%) in C: N ratio was observed in all blends. The concentrations of metals were found to be higher in the vermicomposts as compared initial blends. It was inferred that bakery industry sludge spiked with cow dung can be biotransformed into valuable manure employing earthworms.