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Sequential extraction of phenolics and pectin from mango peel assisted by ultrasound

Guandalini, Bruna Bárbara Valero, Rodrigues, Naira Poerner, Marczak, Ligia Damasceno Ferreira
Food research international 2018
esterification, ethanol, experimental design, galacturonic acid, mango peels, pectins, phenolic compounds
The present work evaluated the use of ultrasound to extract sequentially phenolics and pectin from mango peel. Initially, the influence of ethanol and ultrasound on the phenolics extraction was investigated. The results showed that the ultrasound did not affect the extraction yield of these compounds. The best total phenolics yield (67%) was obtained with an extraction solution consisting of 50% of ethanol in water (v/v) and without ultrasound application, according to the experimental design. As an innovative extraction methodology, the residue of this extraction was then used to extract pectin assisted by ultrasound. The use of ultrasound increased over than 50% of the pectin extraction yield and did not affect its quality, measured by the galacturonic acid content and the degree of esterification. The sequential extraction of phenolics and pectin shows to be an alternative to use the whole residue from mango peel.