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Synthesis of a novel multi-structure synergistic POSS-GO-DOPO ternary graft flame retardant and its application in polypropylene

Yuan, Gaowei, Yang, Bing, Chen, Yinghong, Jia, Yinggang
Composites 2019 v.117 pp. 345-356
catalysts, composite materials, fire hazard, fire prevention, flame retardants, gases, graphene, graphene oxide, heat, moieties, nitrogen, oxidative stability, phosphorus, polypropylenes, silicon, silsesquioxanes, synergism, temperature
Through reaction of the active functional groups on framework of Graphene oxide (GO) with 9, 10-dihydro-9-oxa-10-phosphaphenanthrene-10-oxide (DOPO) and cage octaminopropyl silsesquioxane (oapPOSS), a novel multi-structure synergistic graphene-based ternary graft flame retardant oapPOSS-graft-GO-graft-DOPO (PGD) was designed and synthesized successfully. The obtained PGD was then applied in PP flame retardation. Compared with pure PP, the peak heat release rate and total heat release of PP composite are reduced by 78.0% and 44.9% via adding 25 wt% PGD. These notable reductions in fire hazards are mainly due to the synergistic effects of graphene/nitrogen/phosphorus/silicon multi-structures: the graphene sheets enhance the barrier property of carbon layers to prevent heat and volatile transfer; the phosphorus-containing groups as catalyst accelerate and promote the char formation in condensed phase; the SiOSi structures improve the thermal oxidative stability; the nitrogen elements in PGD produce the inert gases at high temperature and play a major role in the gaseous phase.