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Exploring the Diversity of Plant Metabolism

Fang, Chuanying, Fernie, Alisdair R., Luo, Jie
Trends in plant science 2019 v.24 no.1 pp. 83-98
domestication, evolution, genetic variation, metabolism, metabolites, phenotype
Plants produce a huge array of metabolites, far more than those produced by most other organisms. Unraveling this diversity and its underlying genetic variation has attracted increasing research attention. Post-genomic profiling platforms have enabled the marriage and mining of the enormous amount of phenotypic and genetic diversity. We review here achievements to date and challenges remaining that are associated with plant metabolic research using multi-omic strategies. We focus mainly on strategies adopted in investigating the diversity of plant metabolism and its underlying features. Recent advances in linking metabotypes with phenotypic and genotypic traits are also discussed. Taken together, we conclude that exploring the diversity of metabolism could provide new insights into plant evolution and domestication.