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Secreted Gal-3BP is a novel promising target for non-internalizing Antibody–Drug Conjugates

Giansanti, Francesco, Capone, Emily, Ponziani, Sara, Piccolo, Enza, Gentile, Roberta, Lamolinara, Alessia, Di Campli, Antonella, Sallese, Michele, Iacobelli, Valentina, Cimini, Annamaria, De Laurenzi, Vincenzo, Lattanzio, Rossano, Piantelli, Mauro, Ippoliti, Rodolfo, Sala, Gianluca, Iacobelli, Stefano
Journal of controlled release 2019 v.294 pp. 176-184
adults, antibodies, antigens, cysteine, humans, melanoma, tissues
Galectin-3-binding protein (Gal-3BP) has been identified as a cancer and metastasis-associated, secreted protein that is expressed by the large majority of cancers. The present study describes a special type of non-internalizing antibody-drug-conjugates that specifically target Gal-3BP. Here, we show that the humanized 1959 antibody, which specifically recognizes secreted Gal-3BP, selectively localized around tumor but not normal cells. A site specific disulfide linkage with thiol-maytansinoids to unpaired cysteine residues of 1959, resulting in a drug-antibody ratio of 2, yielded an ADC product, which cured A375m melanoma bearing mice.ADC products based on the non-internalizing 1959 antibody may be useful for the treatment of several human malignancies, as the cognate antigen is abundantly expressed and secreted by several cancers, while being present at low levels in most normal adult tissues.